RMT strikes on London Underground to create a havoc for Londoners

Londoners are set to have a very busy and hectic start to their week on Monday as The National Union of Rail Maritime workers (RMT) are set to go on strike beginning on Sunday evening at 6pm.

The strike is another after one in early December on National Rail’s Southern train services.

Transport for London (TfL) had offered a new deal to the union to avoid the strike but the union looks to have their feet firm on the ground and have hence called for the strike starting Sunday.

Crowded stations during peak hours in Central London

This strike is a huge blow in the face of Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who had promised to cut down on such major strikes during the Mayoral elections last year.

Commuters travelling in zone 1 are to face maximum problems as the strikes call for all the tube stations in that zone to be shut down as there will be no services running with a majority of Central London stations to remain closed during the walkout.

Major busy stations such as Oxford Circus, Warerloo, Kings Cross, Paddington, Euston, Bank, London Bridge etc. will be completely closed for at least 24 hours of the strike.

2016’s busies tube station Oxford Circus will remain closed during the strike

There will be absolutely no services on Victoria and Waterloo & City lines and few other lines as Central, Jubilee, Northern lines will have disruptions as the trains would be running but will not stop at all the stations.

London Underground 48-hour Tube Strike Affects Rush Hour
Victoria line would be completely shut down

Piccadilly line services will run between Hammersmith and Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3, but not to Terminals 4 or 5



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