Trump renews attack on Mayor Sadiq Khan

The US President has again taken a dig at Mayor of London Sadiq Khan by putting up a tweet saying that the latter made a ‘pathetic excuse’ following Saturday night’s attack in central London.

It all began on Sunday after the mayor released an official statement in which he said that Londoners were no to be alarmed to see extra armed officials on the streets of central London.

Trump has had his spat with Khan in the past as well. Photo: Andrew Harnik/Associated Press

But Trump took this in a wrong way and thought the mayor was conveying people not to be alarmed about the attack and put up a tweet later lashing out on Khan by talking about the casualties.

In response to Mr Trump’s attack, a spokesman for the mayor said on Saturday that Mr Khan ‘has more important things to do than respond to Donald Trump’s ill-informed tweet.’

Sadiq Khan says Trump is ignorant about Islam. Photo: BBC

The American president took it to next level on Monday by tweeting that the mayor was making a pathetic excuse for not assuring Londoners’ safety.

The feud had originally started last year after Khan, the Labour MP from Tooting was elected as the mayor and Trump, then a Republican presidential candidate had told the New York times that he would be making an exception for Khan when he would implement the Muslim ban.

Khan immediately refuted by saying he did not want to be an exception and that he would be willing to educate Trump about Islam who was ignorant of the religion.

Khan, a Pakistani Muslim, son of a bus driver is London’s first ever mayor from an ethnic background and is the strongest Muslim politician in Europe.


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