‘London should not roll out red carpet for Trump’ says Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan feels it is inappropriate of the UK government to roll out the red carpet on US President Donald Trump’s state visit.

Trump was given an invite for the state visit from Prime Minister Theresa May seven days after his inauguration ball when she became the first foreign leader to visit the White House.

As reported by The Sun, in a conversation between the two leaders, Trump told May “I haven’t had great coverage out there lately, Theresa” and “fix it for me” regarding his state visit.

Trump wants guarantee of a warm welcome from May. Photo: Al Jazeera

He said he would be only coming once he is assured of a ‘better reception’ and hence there has been no date set for the president’s visit but Downing Street said it is likely to be no sooner than next year.

“State visits are different from a normal visit and at a time when the President of the USA has policies that many in our country disagree with, I am not sure it is appropriate for our government to roll out the red carpet,” Khan told CNN in an interview Monday.

This comes days after Trump had another spat at the mayor on Twitter over Londoners’ safety after the London Bridge terror attack.

Their relationship got off to a bumpy start after Trump’s idea of banning people from mainly Muslim oriented countries, and that he would make an exception for Khan if he was to visit the States.

“If you somehow think it is not possible to be a Muslim and a proud westerner I am happy to disabuse you of that idea, whether you are a reporter for CNN or Donald Trump.” Khan added.

Trump has been an ardent fan of the UK and described the country’s decision to leave the European Union ‘a wonderful thing’ but his visit has been controversial with over 1.8 million signing a petition earlier this year against the state welcome.

In February, thousands of protesters marched to Westminster against the prime minister’s invitation.


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